"ADAPLAB" Limited Liability Company
participant SKOLKOVO Innovation Centre,
Moscow, Russian Federation

The main activity directions of our Company are R&D as well as commercialization of adaptive and robust controllers to be embedded in modern control systems of new generation in the complex fields of energy, nuclear, and space technologies.

Limited Liability Company «ADAPLAB» has a participant status of SKOLKOVO Innovation Centre. This status makes possible to receive grants, tax benefits, and specific benefits of attracting foreign labors etc. on base of SKOLKOVO Foundation. Our registration number at SKOLKOVO is 1120195.

Company «ADAPLAB» provides research activity, development, and results commercialization in the following areas:

  • strategic computer technologies and software;
  • energy efficiency and conservation, including development of innovations in energy technologies;
  • nuclear technologies;
  • space technologies, first of all in the area of telecommunications and navigation systems (including establishment of appropriate ground infrastructures);
and also a number of another areas.

The Subjects of the company's activity are various research studies including:

  • R&D in the field of natural sciences;
  • development, implementation, and maintenance of software and consulting;
  • other activities, connected with usage of computer engineering and information technologies;
  • engineering - design, development of technical devices and control systems, implementation and maintenance;
  • technical examination, testing, verification, validation, and certification;
  • other technical monitoring and control activities, testing, and analysis.